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10 Ways to Exercise With Your Pet

10 Ways to Exercise With Your Pet

The Pudgy Pet Problem 

Dogs may be the best workout partners ever, but too many of them aren't getting enough exercise. Nor are cats. Experts estimate that nearly 35 percent of pets today are overweight, which increases their risk for many serious conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, breathing problems, and heart disease.

Blame the pudgy pet problem on too many treats and not enough leash time. According to our friends at Active.comand celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson for 

2015-Staying in Shape for You and Your Pet

2015 is the year to be happy, healthy and fit.  There are some great ways that you and your pet can stay in shape;

  • Walking.
  • Jogging.
  • Swimming.
  • Yoga
  • Going to dog parks.

The San Diego Humane Society is having two events this weekend that can help you achieve your goal.

"Get Fit with Fido" Adoption Promo:Between January 23 and 25, the adoption fee for all adult dogs is just $15! Let love back into your life by visiting any of our campuses to adopt a new furry best friend - and workout buddy.
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