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The Rottweiler and The Stuffed Monkey

Leta and The Monkey

There is nothing more sweet and endearing than seeing a full grown Rottweiler walking down the pathway with a stuffed monkey in her mouth. Leta is proud of that little monkey.  Her daddy bought it for her at a garage sale.  She saw a basket of stuffed animals and decided, this little monkey is the best!

I pet sit for Leta a couple times a year and she amazes me. She is the most loving and loyal dog I know.  When she takes her walks with daddy and they pass by my door, Leta pulls her dad to my front door so that we can visit.

Whiskers new Rottweiler Client

Leta is one of my favorite clients. She is a Rottweiler mix and is 7 years old.  I never have to worry when I am walking my girl.
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